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Crane Rental in Clark County, Nevada

For those living in or near Las Vegas, Nevada who desperately need something to be moved out of their way. Call C & M Crane, we can help. We can move just about any large object and we provide our services at a great price.

We have the high-tech equipment you need to get the job done right. Whatever you need moved – such as air conditioning units, spas, trees,various tuff sheds etc. – we’ve got you covered. Our outstanding moving services are unmatched and so is our customer service. We are a company you can trust and promise that you won’t be disappointed with our work.

Great services at a great price

At C & M Crane, we understand that not every job is going to be the same. This is why we provide services that are built around our customers’ different needs.
C & M Crane is a company you can trust to offer great services at a great price. Call C & M Crane in Las Vegas, Nevada at (702) 429-3159 to schedule an appointment.


“I just wanted to share how awesome they are. They have done so many jobs for the company I work for!”

Sarah Porter

“Only crane service I call… Chris is the best!”

Dan Dan

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C & M Crane of Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: 702-429-3159

Nevada State Contractors license #0077158

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